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Techne Gelation Timers

Article No. 11564

Tecam GT5 Gel Timer 120V 9999 Minutes

  • Tecam GT5 Gel Timer
  • 120 V
  • Digital Timer with the time in 1 minute increments up to 9999 minutes

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  • Techne Gelation Timers are used to measure the transition from liquid to solid during polymerisation, and are the ideal instrument for accurate measurement and quality control for the gelation of resin or adhesive based samples in the laboratory. 
  • Every unit is supplied with a calibration certificate for traceability. 
  • A bright LED display shows the time to the nearest minute or tenth of a minute, and an audible bleep and light confirm completion of gelation.  
  • Stops automatically when gelation occurs 
  • Easy to use, push button display 
  • Can be mounted on a retort stand for ease of use 
  • Plungers are removable for easy cleaning 
  • Sample cups and disposable plungers are available

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Dimension inches (mm) Housing - H x W x D:4.7 (119) x 2.7 (69) x 3.7 (94)
    Length With Plunger:10.6 (269)
    Support For Retort Stand:5.2 (132) long x 0.5 (13) diameter
    Clock:GT-5:9999 minutes in 1 .0 min. increments
    GT-6:999.9 minutes in 0.1 min. increments
    Amplitude of Reciprocation in. (mm):0.5 (13)
    Accuracy of Gelation Time:± 2%
    Electrical Supply:120V or 230V (GT6)
    Net Weight:2lb. (0.9kg)


Conforms to BS 5350 B5; BS 3532 K; BS 3815 K; BS 5617; BS 2782-8


  1. The Models GT-5/6 incorporate a removable stainless steel plunger which is reciprocated vertically by mechanical means in the liquid under test.
  2. When gelation occurs the resulting elasticity of the material supports the weight of the plunger causing a switch inside the instrument to close, the clock to stop and an indicating light to come on.
  3. Model GT-5 reads to the nearest minute. Model GT-6 to the nearest 0.1 minute.
  4. The weights of the plungers are accurately maintained and the effective weight as part of the reciprocating mechanism in the instrument to ensure consistent and repeatable results with the same instrument and between different instruments.
  5. A small vibration is applied to the reciprocating motor of the plunger to overcome friction.

Delivery Content

Stainless steel plunger and power cord with stripped ends.


Stand W/Clamp General Purpose 28" Rod
Disposable Glass Plunger 100/pk
ss Plunger 7/8" (22mm) Dia
100 ml Sample Cups pk/12
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