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Hot Pot Gel Timers

Article No. 11576

Standard Hot Pot Gel Timer 110v

  • Standard Hot Pot Gel Timer
  • 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Determined at temperatures up to 350°F

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  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Pilot Light
  • 3 Wire, Grounded Cord Set
  • "Hot Pots" can be left on full setting overnight without harm
  • Throw-way aluminum cups are used
  • Thermostatically controlled teflon-lined aluminum pots
  • Digital readout

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Max. Recording Time:9999 min., 59 secs. (167 hrs.)
    Mm. Time Interval:1 second
    Stir Speed:20 rpm
    Operating Temps:Std "Hot Pot" 150°F - 350°F (66° - 177°C) ±5% of setting StablTemp "Hot Pot" 140°- 350°F (61° - 177°C) ±1° of setting
    Thermometer:Stem Type: 5" Stem 50° - 500°F / 0° - 200°C
    Electrical Requirements: (Specify)110v/50Hz 300w or 220v/ 50Hz 300w
    Dimensions:7 1/2"L x 9"H x 5 1/2"W
    Weight:6 1/2 lbs.

More Information

The Standard Gel Timer works on the principle that the stirrer drive motor stops when the gel state of the material under test puts a torque load on the stirrer in excess of the motor torque. The torque is consistent as long as the electric current supply is maintained (115V-60 Hz or 220V - 50 Hz).

The counter is geared to the motor and stops when the motor stops There is no adjustment of the synchronous motor torque as it is built into the motor by the manufacturer and will only run at a speed controlled by the frequency (Hz) of the electric current supply.

The torque tolerance for our acceptance of the motor is:

  • Minimum 0.80 inch ounces (577 mm grams)
  • Maximum 1.005 inch ounces (760 mm grams)

The lower value is checked on each motor and is accomplished by the motor with drive shaft (3/8” dia) lifting a 120 gram weight via a thread wrapped around the shaft. Motors too weak for this test are discarded. Motors lifting 150 grams are too strong, but can be adjusted for lower torque.

In the new timers, it still uses the synchronous motor, but the time is sensed via a crystal controlled digital timer coupled optically to the motor and circuited so that the timer stops only when the motor stops. Then this timer always reads real time regardless of the length of cure.

Consistency of test results is probably more influenced by the temperature of the resins, the resin/hardener ratio, the total amount of material for the test, than by the variability of the gel timer.


Simple To Operate

  1. Insert dial thermometer in well in front of Hot Pot.
  2. Set the control to the desired test temperature. Full scale is approximately 350°F. Pilot light will turn off when heat level is reached.
  3. Pour the prepared material sample into the throwaway aluminum cup. NOTE: Hot Pot can be used without aluminum cup insert as it is lined with Teflon. However, some delay may result in performing tests as it is difficult to remove samples that are gelled but not completely cured. If pot is used without liner cup, we suggest that a high temperature mold release such as silicone or fluorocarbon be appliedwith each use. Although the Teflon lining is durable, sharp tools used to remove stuck particles will damage the surface.
  4. Place the cup in the Hot Pot Gel Timer well, insert the throwaway wire stirrer bottom in the cup and the top to the shaft spindle, and set the counter to “zero”. Reset button is on right side of clock-counter.
  5. Mix test sample (90-110 cc) thoroughly before pouring into Hot Pot cup.
  6. Switch on. Pilot light will light.
  7. When gelation occurs, read gel time and discard the cup and stirrer.
  8. The Hot Pot Gel Timer motor can remain stalled for short periods without harm.
  9. Unattended testing using heating capability is not recommended.

No Mess! No Tools Required! No Cleanup!

These durable gel timers use inexpensive, disposable wire stirrers and aluminum cups. No special skills are required.

  • The Gel Timer is designed to run until the viscosity of the resin increases to a point where the drag exceeds the torque of the motor. The motor then stalls, stopping the clock-counter and activating a flashing red light which signals the end of the test.When the switch is turned off the light will stop flashing, but the gel time will continue to be displayed on the clock-timer until the reset button is actuated. The motor can remain stalled for several days without harm.
  • Shut off heater switch when test is completed.
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