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Hot Pot Gel Timers

Article No. 11576

Standard Hot Pot Gel Timer 110v

The "Hot Pot" models are gel timers with digital readouts and thermostatically controlled teflon-lined aluminum pots, 

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  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Pilot Light
  • 3 Wire, Grounded Cord Set
  • "Hot Pots" can be left on full setting overnight without harm
  • Throw-way aluminum cups are used
  • Thermostatically controlled teflon-lined aluminum pots
  • Digital readout
  • Two models available:
    • Standard Models Gel Times can be determined at temperatures up to 350°F
    • Stabletemp Models incorporates an electronic proportioning control which regulates the set temperature virtually free of drift or variation . It is suitable for testing in the range of 150° to 350°F (66° - 177°C) and comes with 10 wire stirrers and 5 aluminum cup liners.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Max. Recording Time:9999 min., 59 secs. (167 hrs.)
    Mm. Time Interval:1 second
    Stir Speed:20 rpm
    Operating Temps:Std "Hot Pot" 150°F - 350°F (66° - 177°C) ±5% of setting StablTemp "Hot Pot" 140°- 350°F (61° - 177°C) ±1° of setting
    Thermometer:Stem Type: 5" Stem 50° - 500°F / 0° - 200°C
    Electrical Requirements: (Specify)110v/50Hz 300w or 220v/ 50Hz 300w
    Dimensions:7 1/2"L x 9"H x 5 1/2"W
    Weight:6 1/2 lbs.


  1. Set the infinite control to desired test temperature.
  2. Pour the material sample into throwaway aluminum cup, place cup in "hot pot," insert wire stirrer, set counter to zero, and switch on.
  3. After gel occurs, read gel time and discard cup and stirrer


Wire Stirrers For Gel Timer 100/ pk
Aluminum Hot Pot Cup Liners 4 oz 100/pk
Replacement Digital Display
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