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Gel Timers

Article No. 11575

Standard Gel Timer 220v/50Hz

The Gel Timer is a device for determining the gel time of resinous plastics, adhesives, drying oils and two component elastomers and paints. It a simple device for a simple test - designed to produce gel time with accuracy at ambient or shop temperatures.

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$995.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • No Frills, no cleanup
  • Uses inexpensive wire stirrers (10 stirrers included) and paper cups (not included)
  • No tools required
  • Designed to withstand hard use - put it out on the floor where the problems are
  • With a digital readout

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Max. Recording Time:9999 min., 59 secs. (167 hrs.)
    Min. Recording Time:1 second
    Stir Speed:20 rpm
    Electrical Requirements:(Specify) 110v/60Hz or 220v/ 50Hz 10w
    Dimensions:7 1/2"L x 9"H x 5 1/2"W
    Weight:4 lbs.
    Electrical Connection:3-Wire Grounded Cord Set


  1. A low torque synchronous motor rotates a specially shaped stirrer in the catalyzed resin or elastomer.
  2. As gelation occurs, drag exceeds torque and the motor stalls.
  3. Gel time can then be read on the LCD display.
  4. Place the material sample in the unit (in paper throw-away cup), insert wire stirrer, set display to zero, and switch on.
  5. When gel occurs, read the time and discard the cup and stirrer.
  6. The motor can remain stalled overnight without harm.


Replacement Neoprene O Ring
Replacement Digital Display
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