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SpotOn® Consistometer

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Spot On Consistometer Complete

The SpotOn Consistometer was perfected for the food industry to measure consistency of force and deviation of products such as butter and cheese and is ideal for quality assurance between batches. 

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  • Precision force sensors, depth sensors and temperature sensors are combined with a microprocessor and digital readout enabling instant display of averages and standard deviation along with on-the-fly error checking for reliable results.
  • Features include full data recording capabilities for PC based analysis and documentation.
  • Low cost, durable, instrument for accurately checking laboratory or production samples against consistency, viscosity or flow rate standards.
  • It is a powerful handheld tool for QA, trouble shooting and R&D in the food and other industries and bridges the gap between old analog measurements and full bench top texture analyzers.
  • Uses little bench space and is probably the simplest, most accurate method of conducting a variety of flow associated tests.
  • On-board microprocessor calculates and displays:
    • the average force of a measurement;
    • the mean of a group of measurements;
    • the Standard Deviation of a group of measurements;
    • the equilibrated temperature of the measured sample
  • Precision load cell and non-contact depth sensor simultaneously measure penetration force and penetration depth, while sample temperature is also measured.
  • Displays instantaneous penetration speed to guide operator for repeatable results
  • Included PC software allows configuration for many products by setting the desired penetration rate, depth of measurement, type of probe tip and specification ranges; all of which can be preloaded onto the instrument
  • Data can be downloaded as an Excel® file for analysis and plotting
  • Interchangeable probe tips can be used to adapt the instrument to different products
  • Includes 5" shaft extension for depths up to 12 inches (30cm)
  • Patent Pending - 1 year warranty - Made in USA
  • Quick quantitative measurements of product or ingredient consistency
  • Penetrating consistometer measures entire sample, not just the surface
  • Simple to operate; employs self-teaching features
  • Includes PC software for full data recall and custom configuration to your application
  • Applications include consistency measurements for shortening, margarine, icing, frosting, butter, dough, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, jelly and more.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Range:0-9999 grams
    0-70 cm
    0-22 lbs
    0-28 inches
    Resolution:4 g
    0.1 cm
    0.01 lbs
    0.1 inch
    ±0.6 cm
    ±0.25 inch
    Reading interval:Every 1 cmEvery 0.4 inch
    Operating Environment:2-49°C
    0-95% RH
    Indoor Only
    0-95% RH
    Indoor Only
    Memory Capacity:99 Measurements
    Computer interface:USB
    Battery:9V Alkaline / 25 hrs continuous use life

Delivery Content

Instrument, Users Manual, PC software, USB cable, 5" Shaft extension, Carry case
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