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LEDCure UV Radiometers

Article No. 15426

LED Cure single band 365nm (40W)

  • LED Cure Single Band Radiometer
  • 365nm EIT LED Band

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  • EIT’s LEDCure® family of instruments are highly portable and accurate radiometers designed specifically to measure the UV generated by industrial UV LED systems.
  • The instruments take measurements in the same environment as the work pieces undergoing UV curing or treatment and provide irradiance (W/cm²), energy density (J/cm²) as well as an irradiance profile.
  • The LEDCure is easy to use, compact and affordable. With its patented Total Measured Optic Response (TMOR™) the LEDCure provides absolute energy measurements with accuracy and repeatability comparable to larger, cabled, metrology-based instruments that are much more expensive.
  • The only portable radiometer with Total Measured Optical Response (TMOR™) that measures absolute LED energy without requiring extraordinary calibration methods. The TMOR in the LEDCure provides:
    • LEDCure® Product Features
    • Highly accurate readings run-to-run
    • Highly repeatable results and unit-to-unit matching
    • Absolute energy measurement allows easy unit-to-unit and source-to-source comparisons
  • The 15430 Model Profiler function allows the transfer of the numerical (irradiance, energy density) values and the irradiance profile (Watts as a function of time) at an effective sample rate of 128 Hz (samples/second). The transferred can be analyzed with the EIT 2.0 UV PowerView Software® III program and allows characterization of:
    • Different sources, cure conditions, multiple LED arrays and readings over time, including height and power levels of the LED source, and variations in process speed and exposure time
    • Performance of individual sources in multi-array systems
    • Address changes and maintenance issues before they impact product quality

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    LEDCure Radiometer/Profiler

    Spectral Responses:
    L365: 340-392 nm: +/- 2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
    L385: 360-412 nm: +/- 2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
    L395: 370-422 nm: +/- 2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
    L405: 380-432 nm: +/- 2 nm (FWHM, 52 nm); 4 OD Blocking
    Operating Range:200 mW/cm² -40 W/cm² and 0-250 J/cm²
    100-200 mW/cm² and 0-50 J/cm²
    Accuracy:Typically, ± 2% or better; ± 10% of reading plus ± 0.2% of full scale
    Typically, ± 5% or better; ± 10% of reading plus ± 0.1% of full scale.
    Note: These specifications are based on static (shuttered) exposure systems
    Resolution:3 mW/cm²
    Spatial Response:Approximately Lambertian (cosine)
    Repeatability:Typically better than 0.2% (unit alone); ≤ 1% max
    Calibration:Supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificate

    Smooth Modes:
    Smooth ON: Effective Sample rate of 25 equivalent samples/second
    Smooth PROFILER: Effective Sample rate of 128 equivalent samples/second*
    Smooth OFF: Effective Sample rate of 2048 equivalent samples/second
    *Recommended sample rate for most applications
    Display:Easy to Read, Yellow Text on Black Background
    Operating Temperature:Operating Temperature: 0-75°C Internal temperature; tolerates high external temperatures for short periods Audible alarm indicates when temperature has exceeded tolerance
    Battery/Battery Life:Two user-replaceable AAA Alkaline Cells/Approximately 20 hours with the display “on”
    Time-Out Period:2 minutes DISPLAY mode (no key activity)
    Dimensions:4.60 x 0.50 inches; 117 mm x 12.7 mm (D x H)
    Materials:Aluminum, stainless steel
    Weight:10.1 ounces (289 grams)

    Carrying Case:
    Material: Cut polyurethane interior, scuff resistant nylon exterior cover
    Size: 10.75 x 3.5 x 7.75 inches; 274 x 89 x 197 mm (W x H x D)
    Weight: 9 ounces (260 grams)
    LEDCURE Profiler Only
    Sample Rate for Profiling:LEDCure Profiler has a fixed sample rate of 128 eq. samples/sec profiling. For best matching between instrument display and PowerView Software® III values, use Smooth Profiler mode
    Memory Capacity for Profiling:LEDCure Profiler memory supports data collection for ≥ 100 minutes
    UV PowerView Software® III:National Instruments LabVIEW based programming accommodates Windows 7 and 10 collected data stored in LabVIEW based *.tdms files
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