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Traffic Paint Drying Time Wheel

Article No. 11328

Traffic Paint Drying Time Wheel w/Ramp

The Traffic Paint Drying Time Wheel is used in test method ASTM D711, that covers a laboratory test for estimating the drying period required, after application of traffic or pavement-marking paint, for no-pick-up by the tire of an automobile. 

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  • The "O" rings will retain their flexibility indefinitely
  • The apparatus consists of a cylinder with two 3/8" cross section diameter “O” rings made of a synthetic rubber meeting the requirements of HK 715 Specification D2000.
  • Total weight of the tester including “O” rings is 11 pounds 14 ounces (± 1 oz) (5386 g, ±28 g), which is equivalent to tire pressure of 100 pounds per square inch on the pavement
  • The rolling ramp furnished is made of aluminum with a 1:6 slope measuring 6" long, 3-1/2" wide and 1" high at the upper slotted end
  • The end to end spliced rings are easily replaced by simply rolling along the cylinder until positioned in the grooves.
  • Meets ASTM D711


Meets ASTM D-711


  1. At regular intervals remove the wheel from ramp and free roll it down the incline over the paint film.
  2. Position the panel for every run so that a clean surface comes in contact with the rings.
  3. Clean wheel with solvent at intervals.
  4. Note point for no pick-up time. See ASTM D711 for details.

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11328 - Traffic Paint Drying Time Wheel, complete with two “O” rings and ramp


Set of two special rubber "O" rings
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