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Corrosion Test Coupons

Article No. 12949

Q-Panel CXC-35-K Corrosion Coupons 30/pk

  • Q Panel CXC Corrosion Coupons
  • ASTM B117
  • 3 x 5" (76 x 127 mm)
  • 0.032" (0.80 mm) Thickness


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Corrosion test coupons ensure repeatability and reproducibility when performing laboratory corrosion testing. They help a user independently monitor the test conditions in the chamber by measuring the mass loss of the coupons as the test progresses. CX corrosion coupons are designed to meet the stringent requirements specified in many international modern corrosion test methods.

For over 50 years, Q-PANEL® test substrates have been recognized as the world standard for a consistent and uniform test surface for paints, plating, adhesives, sealants, rust inhibitors and other coatings. Meets requirements of GMW14872, ASTM B117, SAE J2334, SAE J2721, ISO 9227, and VDA-233-102. Pre-cleaned and ready to use right out of the package. Often half the price of competitors' coupons. This consistency and uniformity is now available through Q-Lab's CX-series corrosion test coupons.

  • All CX-series corrosion coupons include a Certificate of Analysis
  • They come pre-cleaned, the production process thoroughly cleans the panels and removes any oil or contaminants that might be on the surface.
  • Corrosion coupons are often half the price of competitors' coupons
  • May have a shelf life of up to 10 years
  • Multilayer packaging, packed in plastic bags with vapor phase rust inhibitor and shipped in a sturdy cardboard carton
  • Ready to use right out of the package, for critical applications it may sometimes be necessary to remove traces of the rust inhibitor with a distilled water or MEK wipe prior to coating the panel
  • Quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for details.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Stock Numbers, Standards Met, and Sizes
    Q Shaped Hole:YesNo
    Standards:ASTM B117ISO 9227, VDA-233-102
    Size (W x L) ± 1 mm (± 0.04 in):76 x 127 mm
    (3 x 5 in)
    70 x 150 mm
    (2.76 x 5.90 in)
    Thickness ± 0.05 mm (± 0.002 in):0.80 mm
    (0.032 in)
    1.20 mm
    (0.047 in)
    Quantity:30 pk
    Alloys, Mechanical Properties and Chemical Composition
    SAE Material Designation:1008/10101006
    ASTM Material Specifications:A1008, CS Type BA1008, DS Type B
    ISO Material Specifications:3574 Type CR13574 Type CR4
    Roughness Ra (micro-inches):25-6520-44
    Surface Finish:Dull MatteDull Matte
    Carbon (% max):0.150.08
    Manganese (% max):0.600.45
    Phosphorus (% max):0.0300.030
    Sulfur (% max):0.0350.030
    Custom Corrosion Coupons are also available in a variety of shapes, alloys and finishes.
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