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Carrara Glass Paint Panels

Article No. 11212

Carrara Type Glass/Black 8X8"

  • Carrara Black Glass Paint Panel
  • 8x12"

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  • Used in U.S. Federal Test Method 141-4122 and CGSB Method 1-GP-71-14.7 for measuring hiding power.  In both methods the dry film thickness is measured by means of a micrometer. The latter method also provides for direct wet film thickness measurements using a Pfund or Interchemical type of wet film thickness gage, as described in ASTM D 1212. These methods depend on the unique hardness and levelness characteristics of glass substrates.
  • Superior in levelness to striated types
  • Approximate thickness of 0.25" (6mm)
  • Carrara is a term used originally in referring to the white marble obtained from quarries near the town of Carrara in central Italy; later applied to heavy structural black glass.
  • Leneta black Carrara glass is much superior in levelness to striated types that have been used for the same purpose. 


ASTM Method D2805, ASTM D1212, U.S. Federal Test Method 141-4122 and CGSB Method 1-GP-71-14.7


Black glass is used in widely referenced high-precision ASTM Method D 2805, and related hiding power test methods. After measuring the reflectance Ro of the dry film, defined area A is scraped from the glass and weighed to obtain M, which is inserted along with A into the equation below to obtain the spreading rate or original wet film thickness. R of the paint is obtained from a separate test application. The hiding power is then calculated from the appropriate Kubelka-Munk equations.

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