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Wall-Matte Paint Charts

Article No. 12739

Leneta 26-1M Wall Charts 20X28" 125/Bx

The Wall-Matte Paint Charts are coated with a flat finish similar in texture and "tooth" to a typical trade sales flat wall paint. Paints can be applied on them by brush or roller with assurance that there will be no surface "skid" during application.

$482.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


The surface is well sealed, so that both waterborne and solventborne coatings can be applied with no absorption of vehicle. Wall-Matte charts are an effective replacement for previously available Kem-Glo Test Paper, and superior to that product in imperviousness and paper rigidity.

  • 20 x 28 in. (508 x 711 mm)
  • Area: 3.9 ft2 (0.36 m2)


Conforming with ASTM Method D 5150

Delivery Content

Includes 125 per box

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