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Printing Ink Drawdown Sheets

Article No. 15148

Leneta 3NT-11 Drawdown Paper, Vellum

  • Leneta 3NT-11 Drawdown Paper
  • Vellum Opaque
  • Uncoated

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  • Printing Ink Drawdown Sheets are available in three different grades of paper, these sheets provide a variety of substrates for testing ink qualities
  • They are also useful for testing other coatings because of their range in absorbency and texture
  • Drawdown sheets provide substrated for inks
  • Great for all types of coatings testing
  • 3 versions available
  • Has jet black non-bleeding ink
  • Sheet Size: 5 x 7-5/8 in. (127 x 194 mm)
  • Non-fluorescent, unwatermarked paper

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No.:151481421212747
    Paper Type:Vellum OpaqueGloss Finish Coated BookRegular Bond
    Shade:WhiteNeutral WhiteNeutral White
    Optical Brighteners:YesYesNone
    Basis Weight:60 lb73 lb22 lb
    Grammage:88 g/m2118 g/m291 g/m2
    Density:0.81 g/cm31.21 g/cm30.91 g/c3
    Caliper:4.1 mils3.9 mils4.0 mils
    Packaging:1000 sheets (10 pads) per box1000 sheets (10 pads) per box1000 sheets (10 pads) per box
    Boxes per Case:466
    Box Weight:5.3 lb7.2 lb5.5 lb
    Minimum Order:1 box1 box1 box
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