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Plain White Paint Cards

Article No. 12797

Leneta WA White Sealed Card 250/pk

The Plain White Leneta Paint Cards & Charts are sealed on one side so they are compatible with waterborne and most solvent based coatings.

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  • Frequently used to produce true color samples, without the influence of a black substrate
  • Available in a variety of standard sizes. Special sizes are available upon request.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Normal Thickness 12 Mils (0.3mm)
    *WA5-1/2 x 10140 x 254
    *WB7-5/8 x 11-1/4194 x 286
    *WD3-7/8 x 698 x 152
    * These have a 1/4 in (6mm) hole, centered 3/16 in (5mm) from top edge.
    WG3 x 5 1/276 x 140
    WH11-1/4 x 17-1/4286 x 438
    WK8-5/8 x 11-1/4219 x 286
    Normal Thickness 20 Mils (0.5mm)
    WBX7-5/8 x 11-1/4194 x 286
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