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Leneta Staining Medium

Article No. 12793

Leneta ST-31 Staining Medium

The Leneta ASTM Staining Mediums are used for washability and stain-porostiy testing of paint and films.

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  • There are two types available:

    • ST-1 - A finely ground dispersion of high jet carbon black in a blend of mineral oil and odorless mineral spirits. It is specified in ASTM D3450 to meet the laboratory requirement for a reproducible composition of matter, representative in a general way of soilants encountered in the field.

    • ST-31 - A proprietary composition of pigment and dark colored dye dispersed in an organic liquid vehicle. When applied and then removed from a paint film, the intensity of the resultant stain indicates the degree of film porosity. It is more effective than other media recommended for this purpose.

  • Manufactured and control tested to assure batch-to-batch uniformity.

  • Their usefulness extends not only to ASTM tests, but to any soil and stain removal test procedure.

  • Supplied in 4 fl.oz. (118 mL) cans or jars.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Type:ST-1 - PigmentedST-31 - Penetrating Dye
    Size:4 fl oz, (118 mL)
    Weight per Jar:1/2 lb
    Jars per Case:4
    Minimum Order:1 jar
    Standards:Used in ASTM Method D 3450, Test for Washability PropertiesASTM Method D 3258, Test for Stain Resistance and Porosity
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