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Leneta Magnetic Spray Stand

Article No. 14416

Magnetic Spray Stand

The Leneta Magnetic Spray Stand, SS-1 is designed for holding Metopac Panels and other steel panels during aerosol applications.

$323.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • The Leneta Magnetic Spray Stand provides stability, tidiness, and general convenience.

  • Simple Design: two small powerful pot magnets are mounted at one end of a curved steel rod, and the other end of the rod is screwed into a heavy steel base.

  • Overall height is approximately 13 inches.

  • Steel panels 3 x 5 inches and larger are held firmly during spraying and then easily removed.

  • The magnets remain clean, being protected from overspray by the panel.

  • Other parts of the device are readily cleaned by soaking in paint remover or caustic solution.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Overall Height:13 in
    Size:6 x 12 in
    Box Quantity:1
    Weight per Box:11 lb
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