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Duplex Applicator Paint Charts

Article No. 12753

Leneta 6F6 Applicator Chart 500/pk

  • Form 6F6 is a black and white Duplex Applicator Chart
  • It has six black bars on a white field

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  • Duplex Paint Applicator Charts were originally made to be used with the “Duplex Applicator” an instrument designed for rapid production of side-by-side drawdowns, they now serve mostly as generic paint test charts.
  • Narrow paint charts
  • Two versions available

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Color:Black & White (Striped Pattern)Plain White
    Size:3 x 7-1/4"  (76 x 184 mm)
    Charts Per Box: 500
    Boxes Per Case:6
    Box Weight:5 lb
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