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Radia Agitar Multi Shakers

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Agitar Multi Shaker

The Agitar Multi Shaker is an extremely versatile machine capable of accepting a wide variety of container shapes and sizes ranging from pints up to five gallon containers. Agitar’s intuitive clamping system and easy operation provide a superior mix compared to other products in its class.

$9,292.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Incorporates a quick mix 30 second mix cycle in addition to the 2 & 3 min.
  • Increased mixing ratio for a more aggressive mixing motion
  • Suitable for a wide variety of mixing environments
  • Accepts pints to five gallon containers (metric equivalent)
  • Built-in wheels for easy placement of machine
  • 80 lb. standard load capacity
  • Strut and spring composition absorbs vibration increasing the life of the machine and reducing costly repairs
  • Built with heavy-duty components to withstand a variety of mixing environments

More Information

Lid Press

  • Tightly seals one gallon, quart, pint and half-pint containers quickly and quietly with little effort
  • Evenly applies pressure to ensure a tight seal for your containers
  • Eliminates spattering commonly associated when sealing containers with a rubber mallet
  • Heavy duty flip-out tray for selaing quart, pint and half-pint containers

Five Gallon Pail Press

  • Quickly seals five gallon containers
  • Applies even pressure to ensure a tight seal for metal five gallon containers


CSA Approved

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