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Fawcett Drum Mixers

Article No. 12303

Bung Hole Mount Mixer, BHM-3A

  • BHM-3A Bung Hole Mount Mixer
  • Direct Drive Air Motor
  • 3 HP
  • Medium-High Viscosity

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  • Fawcett's Drum Mixers are known for their durability, performance and versatility
  • Each unit comes with a bung mount powerhead and all the connections for easy use and transfer between containers
  • Direct Drive Mixers
  • They have a variable speed control
  • Can mix low - medium (ADM-3) and medium - high (BHM-3A) viscosity materials
  • Drum mount and bung hole mount mixers
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Type:ADM-3 Agitator Drum MixerBHM-3A Bung Hole Mount Mixer
    RPM:3000 Max2800 Max
    Viscosity Intensity:Low-MediumMedium-High
    Shaft Size:N/A1/2" x 32" LG
    Blade Size/Type:N/A(2) 4" Folding

Delivery Content

Each unit comes with a LS-103A powerhead, bung hole mount, stainless steel coupling, 30" shaft and (1 or 2) bung hole impellers.

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