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Drum-Mates® Mixers

Article No. 12198

Drum-Mate Mixer 4 Tier, 304 SS

  • 4 Tier Mixer
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 1/2" x 36" Shaft 

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  • The Drum-Mates High Efficiency Mixer Impellers are designed to ensure thorough blending of layered or sedimented solutions, and they virtually eliminate aeration or cavitation. These unique mixers are used for a greater range of viscosities and applications than other types of drum mixers.
  • The multilevel, auto-open-close, SwingWing™ turbine blades are effective at any Rpm.
  • The fully adjustable impellers can be locked down or removed, letting you set up the mixer just the way you want.
  • A wide range of mixing patterns from low impact, eddy wave stirring up to a high shear, homogenizing effect can be easily selected.
  • Multi-tier and fit through bungholes in all drum sizes and types with good container wall clearance.
  • Mixer shaft styles come in stainless steel and zinc plated steel in 3 shaft sizes for mixing liquids in most drum and tote or tank sizes and types
  • Mixer blades are available in 6" and 10" open diameters to handle a wide range of applications and viscosities
  • Fast reconditioning of separated or stratified liquids into a uniform compound
  • Quick break up and dispersal of bottom sediments into a smooth mixture
  • Slow eddy wave stirring of sensitive materials to prevent foaming & oxidation
  • ln-drum mixing for manufacturing of liquid-liquid or powder-liquid ingredients
  • Continuous stirring to maintain suspensions while emptying a container
  • Quick dilution of chemical concentrates or liquid base solutions

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No.121961219712198
    Mixer Blade Tiers:434
    Capacity:30 - 200 Gallons1 - 25 Gallons30 - 200 Gallons
    Material:Zinc PlatedStainless SteelStainless Steel
    Bung Capacity:2.0"1.5"2.0
    Mixer Shaft Dimensions:1/2" x 36"3/8" x 28"1/2" x 36"


Coupler Mixer Shaft 3/8X1/2" 304SS
Splash Cap For 55 Mixer Bung
Filter Regulator & Lubricator 1/4"Npt
Air Drive Mixer 1.5 HP 1/2" Coupler
3/4Hp Air Drive Bung 2" Npt 1/2"
Bung Mount Air 1.5Hp W/ss 1/2"
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