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Disperser Mixer Blades

Article No. 14889

GF Disperser Blade, 6" dia, 1/2" bore

The Disperser Mixer Blades are made from 304 stainless steel, and are wear and heat resistant. The blades and shafts are designed for operation in drill presses with chucks, but they can be adapted for use in other mixers.

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Blade Type
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  • The 1/2" bore size is standard for the 1-5/8" - 6" diameter blades with keyway
  • The 5/8" bore size is standard for the 8" and up diameter blades
  • Shafts are required for use, and come complete with special accessories needed to attach them to the blades - see accessories
    • Stainless Steel High Speed Shaft - 3/4" x 12"
    • Stainless Steel Light Duty Shaft - 3/8" x 12"  and 5/16" x 12"
    • Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Shaft - 5/8" x 12"
  • Other bore and shaft sizes available, and "odd" sized blades can be made
  • Blades made with 1/2" bore have adapters available for smaller shafts
  • Blades can be furnished with hubs for mounting on smooth shafts
  • There are 5 blade types available:
    • K Blade - Versatile blades, differing only slightly from the F style. They require less horsepower and are applicable in operations where the available horsepower is borderline for batch size.
    • F Blade - These are the most popular blades. The teeth accelerate pigment particles and break up agglomerates. High shear is quickly achieved with turbulent flow. Use for pumping and mass flow, cutting, and agglomerate reduction.
    • GF Blade - High-vaned blades are designed for turbulent flow to provide fast blending and agitation. They are best utilized for high speed blending with medium shear. Ideal for heavy body and thixotropic liquids. It will disperse pigments or flatting agents rapidly in high viscosity or thixotropic systems with minimum heat buildup.
    • EF Blade - Known as the “cutter” blade because of its superiority for dissolving resins. Also utilized for high vehicle viscosities and/or solids loadings. Produces shear but with more turbulence than other designs.
    • CSI Blade - A patented design using the Venturi principle to produce very fine grinds with laminar flow and less heat build-up. Also, excellent for emulsification when operated at low speeds. Has minimum heat build-up and longer life than any other design. Pat. No. 3486741
  • Taper Reinforcing Plate is an accessory required on most dispersers to fill in shaft mounting space and prevent blade flexing. Set consists of one top and one bottom plate.
  • HUB mount available on 4" blades or larger - call for pricing.
  • Do not operate unless immersed in liquid! WARNING: Shaft may bend if blade is not immersed in fluid when mixer is turned on.

Technical Attributes

  • Blade Type
    GF Blade
  • Diameter
  • Data
    Blade:K Blade*F BladeGF BladeEF BladeCSI Blade
    Type:Design ADesign BDesign CDesign D-
    Blade Design:Square tooth pattern and spaces between the teethUniform teethHigh-vaned bladesCutter bladeDesigned for Venturi principle

    For general purpose pigment dispersionFor general purpose pigment dispersion, most popular and versatile bladesFor use in all mixing operations, particularly high viscosity products (epoxy potting compounds)For dissolving resinous particles or for high viscosity and solids loading applicationsFor commercial, pilot models with at least 1-1/2 horsepower motors
    *As the blade size decreases 4" or less, the design changes slightly due to the manufacturing process.)

More Information

Shafts: Light-weight stainless steel shafts are designed for chucks which will not accommodate the heavy duty standard shaft or heavy-duty, high-speed shaft. They are for use with lab air motors with sleeve attachments. They should be used only with blades under 3" in diameter. Our heavy-duty and high-speed shafts can be used with blades over 3" in diameter. Aluminum shafts are available where stainless steel shafts are too heavy for the chuck. WARNING: Shaft may bend if blade is not immersed in fluid when mixer is turned on.


Taper reinforcing plate, 10" x 1/4"
Taper Reinforcing Plate, 12" X 1/4"
Taper reinforcing plate, 14" x 1/2"
Taper reinforcing plate, 14" x 1/4"
Taper reinforcing plate, 14" x 3/8"
Taper reinforcing plate, 16" x 1/2"
Taper reinforcing plate, 16" x 3/8"
Taper reinforcing plate, 18" x 1/2"
Taper reinforcing plate, 18" x 3/8"
Taper reinforcing plate, 20" x 1/2"
Taper reinforcing plate, 20" x 3/8"
Taper reinforcing plate, 4" x 1/4"
Taper reinforcing plate, 6" x 1/4"
Taper reinforcing plate, 8" x 1/4"

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