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Labmill 8000 Jar Mill Machine

Article No. 12037

Labmill 8000 Jar Mill 115V/220v

The Labmill 8000 Jar Mill Machine updates and improves materials processing through a superior contaminate free grinding process. The unique operating characteristics of Labmill 8000 satisfy the most stringent requirements of the chemical, ink, paint, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

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  • Provides superior protection against contamination due to degrading or hard to clean ceramic mill jars.
  • Sturdy units are compact and portable allowing optimum use of bench space
  • Brushless motor allowing for improved speed adjustment sensitivity
  • Durable welded steel case with chip and corrosion resistant black powder coating, not painted
  • Silent operation with internal gear transmission; no chains
  • Quick change roller adjustment
  • Spring actuated vibration absorbing. Auto leveling feet
  • Less cleaning and maintenance
  • No lubrication as with other milling machines
  • No tension adjustments required
  • No disassembly or special tools required
  • Eliminates bench shaking and ensures performance on uneven surfaces
  • Universal Plug

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    RPM:20-250 rpm
    Max Load Weight:Recommended max. load weight 35 lbs.
    Minimum Jar Diameter:2.85" (72mm)
    Maximum Jar Diameter:8.3" (210mm)
    Jar and Sleeve Size:Handles 500ml to 1 gallon


Labmill Mill Jars, 16 oz
Labmill Mill Jars, 32 oz, 6/pkg
Labmill Mill Jars, 64 oz
Labmill Mill Jar, 128 oz
Chrome Plated Mill Jar Sleeve 16oz
Chrome Plated Mill Jar Sleeve 32oz
Anodized Aluminum Mill Jar Sleeve 64oz
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