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Grinding Media

Article No. 12058

Alumina Spheres 1.5" 10 Lbs

This Grinding Media is ideal for both wet or dry milling. There are three types to chose from: High Density Alumina Spheres, Zirconia and Burundum Cylindrical Grinding Media.


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  • Ideal mediums for wet or dry milling
  • Non-conductive, non-magnetic, with excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
  • Tough, hard, non-porous surface is chip-resistant
  • Easily cleaned and unaffected by most acids or alkalies
  • Three Types of Grinding Media available:
    • Burundum® Cylindrical Grinding Media - High-density, ultra-high fired Burundum®. High specific gravity and cylindrical shape give it greater weight per volume, more contacts per mill revolution, greater area of attrition, with each contact. Result: faster, finer grinding or dispersion, often cutting milling time in half. Long wearing, non-contaminizing grinding.
    • Zirconia Grinding Media - Zirconia grinding media mills twice as fast as equivalently sized alumina media with only 1/2 the media weight loss and only 1/3 the wear (weight loss) of the grinding jar - with accompanying reduced batch contamination. Available in radius end cylinders, with length equal to their outside diameters. 1.6 times denser than high alumina.
    • High Density Alumina Spheres - These hard, impervious spheres, which are heavier than porcelain, mill faster with negligible silica contamination. Beads available. Note: With a specific gravity of 3.4 the charging factor of high density alumina balls is approx. 6-1/2 lbs./gallon
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