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"Lid-Off" Pail Openers

Article No. 14322

Pail & Drum Opener

Lid-Off Pail Openers make it easy to remove lids, simply hook it over the edge of the lid, and lift. The lid opens easily - without lock-cutting, with little pressure. Anyone can safely and successfully use Lid-Off to open sealed pails in seconds then, reclose and open again and again.


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What used to take 15 minutes without a tool, and 10 minutes with other tools that you had to hold the pail down while trying to pull up to open, now takes only seconds with the M-1 Pail Opener. With only a little effort downwards to easily open the pail. It is made of bright, lightweight, super strong aluminum and is 16" long.

It requires no no lock cutting, is safe to use, does not distort lid, and can reclose the pail. Position the tool as illustrated. Do not cut the locks. Push the handle down as far as it will go. Move the tool 2 inches and repeat. Keep repeating until the lid is free. The lid can be resealed by placing it on the pail and tapping in place using the pail opener.

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