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Dispermat APS

Article No. 1325

APS 7000

  • Container Capacity: 7000 ml
  • Approx. Millbase Quantity: 1500 - 3000 ml

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Millbase Quantity


The APS system is an accessory that converts a high shear lab disperser into a vertical media mill.

  • Can fit on most Dispermat lab models
  • Separates grinding media from the mill base by air pressure
  • Easy to clean the media, container, and impeller
  • Can mill very small quantities to save on disposal costs
  • Full line of media milling impeller

Technical Attributes

    Technical Specifications

  • Recommended Milling Tools
    DMS 150
  • Container Capacity
    7 - l
  • Recommended Dispermat Power ≥
    3 kW
  • Recommended Dispermat Power ≥
    4 hp
  • Millbase Quantity
    1.5 - 3.0 l

Delivery Content

DW vessel with stand 7000 ml
Air pressure regulation unit ( compressed air valve, 2 meters of hose)
Container for product recovery
0.5 mm sieve
Slewable mounting plate with bayonet fixing for milling container
Container clamp and cover
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