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Scott Volumeter

Article No. 14114

Scott Paint Pigment Volumeter 40 mesh

  • Used to determine apparent density of dry pigments or other free flowing, fine powders
  • Provides a means of reproducibly packing a tared cubic inch measure and then weighing the filled container
  • The upper funnel contains a 40-mesh wire screen support. Uses 1" brass cube measure (which is not certified; however, care has been taken to maintain the highest degree of manufacturing consistency as possible) and counterpoise.
  • Meets ASTM B329

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  • Used to determine "apparent density" of a variety of free-flowing powders
  • 7 types of volumeters available, wood and/or stainless steel
  • These volumeters consist of a base and support, a stainless steel upper funnel, glass baffles over which the powder falls into the container, a bottom stainless steel funnel and either a 25cc brass density cup or a 1" measure and counterpoise.



Meets ASTM B329


  1. Weigh the empty, dry cubic inch measure on a balance sensitive to 0.1 gram.
  2. Place the tared measure below the opening at the bottom of the baffle column
  3. Pour somewhat more than a cubic inch of the powder sample, dry and free from lumps, on the upper funnel and gently rub it through the screen with a non-metallic spatula. When the measure is full to overflowing, level it with a spatula to ensure that it is exactly full, being careful not to compress or shake down the material in the measure.
  4. Weigh the measure and its contents.
  5. Subtract the weight of the empty measure. The difference is the "apparent density" in terms of weight per cubic inch.
  6. After each determination, the funnels and measure should be removed and cleaned with a soft brush and the baffle box should be tapped to free it of any adhering pigment.

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Volumeter, 40 mesh funnel, and 1" measure & counterpoise

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