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Lovibond® Standards

Article No. 10923

Lovibond Platinum-Cobalt 100 Color Std

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  • Each standard is supplied in a 500 ml. bottle with a 12-month guarantee of color stability.
  • Ideal for routine calibration of color measuring instruments & verification of test data
  • Ensure good inter-laboratory and inter-instrument correlation
  • Applications in statistical quality control (SQC) and statistical process control (SPC)
  • High stability standards with a guaranteed 12-month shelf-life
  • Full traceability to internationally recognized standards
    • ASTM, Gardner & Saybolt Color standards certified under UKAS to ISO 17025
    • AOCS-Tintometer®, Lovibond® RYBN & Pt-Co Color certified under ISO 9001 quality system
  • All classified as non-hazardous according to EU directives
  • Each bottle supplied with full certification including MSDS
  • The values indicated are typical nominal values; individual values may vary but these are always specified on the certificate of calibration supplied with each standard.
  • Great for colorimeters used for color control of products such as edible and industrial oils, fuels, chemicals, paint vehicles and coatings.
  • The Lovibond® brand is recognized by major international standardizing bodies, including the AOCS, ISO and ASTM, who quote the Lovibond equipment in their specifications for color measurement. 
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