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EComparator Range Color Graders

Article No. 10934

Color Comparator Gardner Color

  • Gardner Color (ASTM D1544, ASTM D6166, AOCS Td 1a, MS 817 Part 10)
  • Single number, one dimensional, color scale for grading the color of similarly colored liquids.
  • The scale ranges from a pale yellow to a red in shade and is described in terms of the values 1-18.
  • Used to measure color of resins, varnishes, lacquers, drying oils, fatty acids, lecithins, sunflower oil and linseed

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  • Provides an easy way to transition from subjective visual measurement to a non-subjective, accurate electronic measurement.
  • Advance from Visual (subjective) to Electronic (objective) Color Measurement.
  • Immediate & Accurate - Straight from the Box.
  • Guaranteed Agreement with International Standards
  • Display Results with On-Screen Color and Numerical Options Digital, Portable, Push-Button Technology
  • View the color difference: On-Screen Color and On-Screen Numerical Display
  • The user friendly ergonomics and intuitive interface guarantee new users can be quickly trained and easily supported.
  • Large data storage (> 20,000 readings)
  • USB connectivity ensures readings can be stored and shared easily and quickly
  • Flexibility is further enhanced with software packages for Windows® with multiple language* support on-screen.
  • Touch screen technology makes the EComparator Series easily programmable with instinctive menus on screen.
  • Users can set language, date and time, view preferences and create projects with individual tolerance settings.
  • An on-screen warning system of:
    • Within Tolerance = Green
    • Outside Tolerance = Red
    • On Border of Tolerance = Amber
    • Provides the user with immediate information on the sample.
    • Supported Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Light Source:White LED (25 year lifetime)
    Sensors:Tristimulus Detectors, Reference and Sample
    Display:Size: 3.5 inch
    Resolution: 320x240
    Color: 24 Bit (True Color)
    Keypad:3 key tactile membrane
    Sample Chamber:Cell Type: W100 Spectrophotometer
    Filters: EC Range Holders
    Casing:Material: Flame Retardant ABS
    Size: W 106mm x D 210mm x H 57mm
    Power:Sources: USB or Battery
    Batteries: 4 x AA
    Interfaces:USB 2.0 (mini USB receptacle)
    Data Storage:> 20,000 readings
    Temperature:Max Sample Temperature = 80° C
    Model:EC 2000 Pt CoEC 2000 Gardner
    Color Scale:Platinum-ColbaltGardner
    Range:0 - 5000 - 18
    Resolution:1 Pt-Co Unit0.1 Gardner Unit
    Repeatability:+/- 3% +1 Pt-Co Units+/- 0.2
    Path Length:50mm10mm
    Standards:ASTM D1209ASTM D1544, D6166
    Comparator View:2 Field
    Cells:3 x 50mm W100 (Plastic)
    1 x 50mm W100 (OG)
    Validation Liquids:1 x 60ml Bottle
    Glass Standard:1



ASTM D1544, D6166

Delivery Content

EComparator Instrument, Certified Glass Liquid Reference Standards enabling quick and simple validation, Integrated light shield to protect the sample from ambient light and cells (plastic and glass) for flexible applications


50mm Plastic Cell for Pt-Co 50/pk
Plastic Cells 10mm 100/pk
Sample Cell Gardner Comparator 10mm
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