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RAL Color Fan Decks

Article No. 12978

RAL K5 Classic Color Fandeck Semi Matte

The RAL Classic color collection fan decks are indispensable in many areas. RAL has been the language of the world of color since 1927, and is an independent and neutral partner for industry and trade. With an international distribution presence in almost 40 countries, RAL, is the global market leader for industrial color standards. Thus RAL sets a new benchmark in sophisticated coloring, environmental friendliness and easy manufacturing.

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  • The RAL D2 color fan deck shows all 1,825 colors of the RAL DESIGN plus system on 9 colors per page. The finding of color shades is facilitated due to the arrangement of colors by the criteria hue (H), lightness (L) and chroma (C). The foundation of the RAL DESIGN system is the the CIELab colour space, which is internationally used since 1976.

  • The RAL K5 semi matt or gloss color fan deck contains all 213 RAL CLASSIC colors. Due to the full-page color illustration, it is especially suitable for color combinations and color comparisons.

  • The RAL K7 fan deck with all 213 RAL CLASSIC colors at a glance. Every page contains five colors, which makes the fan deck very convenient and practical.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Weight:25.61 oz14.85 oz4.05 oz
    Number of Colors:1825213213
    Colors per Page:915
    Color Display:1.97" x 0.98"1.97" x 5.9"1.97" x .79"
    Finish:semi mattgloss and semi matt availablegloss
    Size:1.97" x 11.42"1.97" x 5.9"1.97" x 5.9"
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