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Abrasion and Scrub Kits for special applications

Article No. 8117

Sandpaper Attachement Kit
Abrasion Test Kit for burnish resistance test

  • The burnish resistance of latex paint is analyzed and judged by measuring the change in gloss after polishing.

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  • ASTM D6736 - Scrub accessory kit to evaluate burnish resistance of latex paint to judge the change in gloss after polishing
  • Accessory kit can be easily mounted on Gardner-scrub base unit (5060) - please order separately





Sample Preparation

  • Test paints are drawn down lengthwise on plastic panels with 7.0-mil applicator
  • Air-dry for one week


  • Take 60° gloss readings at three points, 
  • Scrub panel for 20 cycles
  • Measure gloss at the same locations
  • Determine gloss difference in percentage


Delivery Content

Sandpaper holder (5058)
Stainless Steel Plate (2.5"x17") 63,5mm x 432mm
Rubber Mat (6.5"x17") 165mm x 432mm
Emery Cloth 120 Grit (2"x10YD) 50,8mm x 9.14m
Emery Cloth 80 Grit (2"x10YD) 50,8mm x 9.14m
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