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Taber Heavy Duty Linear Abraser 5800

Article No. 10080

Taber Linear Abraser 5800 115/230V

The Taber Heavy Duty Linear Abraser 5800 is a versatile tester that can evaluate material properties of finished products with a rugged, durable surface finish. You can customize test parameters to your exact needs with adjustable stroke length, speed and load.

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  • Measure abrasion resistance and other material properties. 
  • Integrated T-slot table makes specimen mounting straightforward, permitting consistent test set-up.
  • A free floating head follows the contours of test specimens, permitting the testing of flat or contoured products.
  • Supplied with the 2” diameter Universal Attachment and Scotch-Brite™ scouring pads, this instrument may be used to measure resistance to scrubbing for products like nonstick coatings.
  • With a 16mm diameter spline shaft and higher torque motor, the Heavy Duty Linear Abraser can accommodate a testing load up to 4550 grams (10 lbs) per test sample. And to increase test output, adding an optional second test kit allows two tests to be performed simultaneously.
  • Slotted crank arm for adjustable stroke length (0” to 13”)
  • Preset speed selections (15, 30, 37, 45, 60 cycles per minute)
  • Stroke length scale calibrated in English and Metric Units
  • 16mm diameter spline shaft
  • Left / Right side mounting
  • 115V / 230V operation
  • Variable load from 500 to 4550 gram (optional weight discs available)
  • Optional attachments (sold separately) may also be used to evaluate resistance to damage from rub, scratch, or mar.


ASTM D4060, ASTM D3884, ASTM D3389, and ISO 5470


A test attachment is secured to the bottom of a vertical spline shaft and accessory weights may be placed on a weight holder affixed to the top.  A precision bearing on the spline shaft creates a "free-floating" test system.  As the test arm moves in a linear motion, the "free-floating" system will raise or lower as the test attachment follows the contours of the specimen being tested - curved or flat.

Delivery Content

Linear Abraser, Load arm w/ spline shaft/weight support assembly, Weight set (1000g, 2000g, & 4050g), T-slot specimen table, Universal attachment, 2” diameter, Hex L-key tool, 3M scotch brite® abrasive pad, 6” x 9” sheet (3 ea.), Hand brush (S-12), Power cord kit, Operating instructions

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