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Positector SPG OS Cable Probe

Probe mounted on a 1m/3ft cable with a V-groove sleeve ideal for measuring convex surfaces such as tanks and pipes.

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  • The PosiTector SPG OS probe is ideal for measuring the peak-to-valley surface profile height of convex abrasive blast cleaned surfaces such as pipes and tanks.
  • Great for flat and curved surfaces with an OD greater than 3mm (0.125")
  •  It features two operating modes - OD (Outside Diameter) Mode (default) and Normal Mode
    • Proprietary OD Mode analyzes multiple measurements for greater accuracy on convex surfaces
    • Normal Mode is ideal for flat surfaces, and operates similarly to the PosiTector SPG and SPGS probes
  • Self-leveling probe foot ensures perpendicularity to the part being measured
  • Uses the proven V-groove design found on PosiTector 6000 coating thickness probes to stabilize the probe on any diameter
  • Available Large V-groove Adaptor for enhanced stability on 30-45cm (12-18") OD pipes
  • Simply align the V-groove along the axis of the curved surface using the notches on the probe face and/or the indicator arrows on the face of the adaptor. It is available to assist with probe placement when measuring on pipes or tanks with an OD between 30 cm (12") and 46 cm (18").

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Range:0 - 500 μm (0 - 20 mils)
    Accuracy:± (5 μm + 5%) ± (0.2 mil + 5%)
    Tip Angle:60°*
    Tip Radius:50 μm (2 mils) 
    *30° tips available for conformance to Australian standard AS 3894.5-C
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