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Leneta Scrub Medium

Article No. 13973

Scrub Medium Abrasive 1 Pint

Leneta ASTM Scrub Medium, SC-1 and SC-2, is an aqueous dispersion of detergent, cellulosic thickener and preservative, made in conformance with and approved for use in the indicated ASTM method.

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  • Two types available:
    • SC-1 - Non- Abrasive
    • SC-2 - Abrasive, which contains ground silica for accelerated erosion
  • This compound is representative of the detergent character of commercial cleaning products.
  • Because of the variable nature of its ingredients, each batch is adjusted and tested to assure batch-to-batch uniformity.
  • Each container is fully identified by batch number and shipping date.
  • The contents of unopened containers are guaranteed standard in performance for a year which is highly conservative based on observed package stability.
  • Supplied in pint (473 mL) jars, sufficient for about 40 tests.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Type:SC-1 - Non-AbrasiveSC-2 - Abrasive
    Size:1 pint (473 mL)
    Weight per Jar:2 lb
    Jars per Case:8
    Minimum Order:1 jar
    Standards:Used in ASTM Methods D2486, D4213 and D3450 Scrub Resistance and Washability Tests
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