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Labmill Disposable Mill Jars Accessories

Article No. 12038

Labmill Mill Jars, 16 oz

  • Disposable Labmill Mill Jar
  • 16 oz

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  • The Labmill Disposable Milling Jar protects sample purity by protecting against contamination due to degrading or hard to clean ceramic mill jars.
  • Baffled tumbling action, unique and exclusive with these jars, counter the negative effects of centrifugal force in milling and mixing of liquids, granulars and powders.
  • Low cost jars allow quick and economical options to fulfill varied laboratory needs while protecting the accuracy of research results
  • Translucent jars permit visual help in loading materials. Perforated cups allow for easy removal of the charge
  • Made of high density polyethylene, the jars are durable and can withstand the corrosive action of Toluene, Acetone and other solvents
  • Ideal for long term storage of sample materials

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No.12038120391204012041
    Size:16 oz. (500 mL)32 oz. (1000 mL)64 oz. (1890 mL)128 oz. (3785 mL)
    Jar Height:6-21/32"7-25/32"9-33/64"11-5/16"
    Pieces per Package:12/pkg6/pkg6/pkg6/pkg

    Chrome Plated Steel Sleeves:
    Inside Diameter:3"3-7/8"--
    Outside Diameter:3-1/4"4-1/8"--

    Anodized Aluminum Sleeves:
    Inside Diameter:--5-1/4"-
    Outside Diameter:--5-1/2"-
    Perforated jar caps available upon request
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