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Article No. 14392

Extension Shaft For Mixer 1/2" X 11"

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Folding Mixers

For use with electric or air drills. Both units are made of stainless steel and will enter container through a 1-7/8" opening. Used for rapid and thorough mixing of paint, epoxy compounds, waterproofing materials, mortar, drywall mud and plaster.

Unique four-way counteraction of blades give fast and complete dispersion with no splash. 6" diameter blade with 1/2" x 24" shaft for 5 gal. drum. 8" diameter blade for 30 to 50 gal. drum. Blades are made with 1/8" thick rugged fins. Extension shaft assembly available for use with either to mix in 30 to 50 gal. drum.

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