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Article No. 11620

Flattening Plate

This plate is used to flatten the test sample and hold it firmly against the surface of the leveling plate.

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  • Weight of the plate, about 4.5 pounds, also acts to dampen minor external vibrations.
  • It is machined from steel and is plated.
  • There is a window, two inches wide and three inches long, in the center of the plate to receive the hardness rocker.
  • The ends of this window are machined to a two inch radius, matching the dimensions of the rocker rings.
  • Permits maximum control of the test surface and prevents possible nicking of the rocker rings.
  • The plate is 5.0 inches wide, 10.0 inches long and 0.37 inches thick.
  • There is a lifting knob at each end of the plate.
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