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Gardco Washability Test Tray

Article No. 13919

Test Sample Tray, 8 x 18 x .63”

The Test Sample Tray for the Gardco Washability Machine is used when the test being conducted involves a liquid.

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  • This sepcially designed tray has two available lengths
    • The 18" length is for use with the 10" models
    • The 24" tray is for use with the 12" models
  • The tray is fabricated from 1/16" thick stainless steel and is fitted with four 3/16" long round feet secured to the lower surface which are spaced to straddle the base plate of the tester
  • The tray is also fitted with a drain with stopper closure, which serves not only to position the tray on the base, but also permits the use of “C” clamps to secure the test specimen in the most advantageous position
  • Two clamps are furnished with each tray, and may be used at any location along either end of the tray or along the outside edge.
  • When the pan is not used, any length test specimen, exceeding stroke length plus five inches, may be clamped directly onto the machine base or with a glass plate between the base and the test specimen
  • Glass plates, cut to fit the trays, are available as separate items
  • A laboratory ring stand with 3" ring supporting a 1000 ml separatory funnel is suggested for metering liquid as may be required.
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