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Gardco Washability Sponge Box

Article No. 13959

Sponge Box Tare Weight, 2lb

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  • The Sponge Box serves to weight and contain a specified sponge for use with all models of the Gardco Washability Machine
  • Designed for a sponge 3.9" long and 3.1" wide
  • The adjustable anchor bolts permit the use of sponges other than the normal thickness of 1.25" according to specification.
  • Fabricated from 1/16" stainless steel and has a weight of 16 ounces (454 g) including the removable weight.
  • Two sponge boxes may be carried by the machine drive fork at any one time for multiple sample testing.
  • Sponges for use in the sponge box are available as separate items
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