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Gardco Washability Lilly Frame

Article No. 13937

Lilly Type Frame Std W/Gasket

The Lilly Frame is designed to be used with the test sample tray for the Gardco Washability Machine, and when clamped in place in the tray, the frame serves to isolate a portion of the test surface to a liquid used in the test.

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  • There are two lengths available
    • The standard size for the 18" tray
    • The long size for the 24" tray
  • It serves to hold flexible materials in place against either the tray, glass plate or the machine base.
  • Has an overall length of either 17.75" or 23.75"
  • The overall width is 3.88" with an inside width of 2.375"
  • The frame is machined from 1/4" thick aluminum and is fitted in a groove in the lower surface with a flexible gasket
  • Two 1 inch “C” clamps are furnished with each test sample tray and may be used to secure the Lilly frame against the test surface
  • Note that the sponge box cannot be used with the Lilly frame because of its width. Only one brush box or abrasion boat is accommodated
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