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Gardco Washability Brush Box

Article No. 13921

Brush Box SS High Cg Old Style 1.6X3.6

The Brush Box can be used for all models of the Gardco Washability Machine and serves to weight and secure a specified brush for use in the test equipment.

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  • The brush box is fabricated from 1/16" stainless steel
  • Designed with adequate clearance to accept a brush base 3.5" long and 1.5" wide and is fitted with adjustable anchor bolts.
  • Normal brush base thickness is 0.5" with 3/4" bristle extension.
  • It is fitted with two set screws in one end, which permits side to side centering of the brush in the box and insures uniform brush loading.
  • The brush box has a weight of 16 ozs. including the removable weight shim and a PVC base brush.
  • There are two types available. They are the same weight, but one offers a lower profile and center of gravity
  • Up to three brush boxes may be carried by the machine drive fork at any one time for multiple sample testing.
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