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Gardco Washability Abrasion/Fiction Boat

Article No. 13934

1 lb Friction Weight

The Abrasion Boat is designed to hold in place against a flat surface any flexible material to be used against the test surface, and can be used with any of the Gardco Washability Machines. When the 2lb weight is added it reffered to as a Friction Boat (13934).

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  • All parts of the abrasion boat are stainless steel and consist of a base plate, and cover with adjustable anchor bolts.
  • Two abrasion boats may be carried by the machine drive fork at any one time for multiple sample testing.
  • The base plate is 2.0" wide, 4.0" long and 0.25" thick. It may be fitted with any flexible material which is 2" wide and between 6" to 8" long which is held in place by tightening the cover against the base plate.
  • Increasing its usefulness for the measurement of friction, a 2lb auxiliary weight doubles the loading against the test surface.
  • The assembly weighs 16 ounces with the auxiliary weight in place, providing a loading against the test surface of 2.0 ounces per square inch.
  • Most any flexible material may be secured to the abrasion/friction boat base.
  • Either the surface of the material secured to the boat or the surface on which it rides may be considered the test surface.
  • The weight of the abrasion/friction boat without the internal auxiliary weight is one pound providing a unit area loading of 2 ounces per square inch, with the weight it increases two pounds for a surface loading of 4 ounces per square inch.

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