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Feritscope DMP30 Accessories

Article No. 14296

Standard Set % Fe Approx. 0.3-110 Range

The standard set contains 5 standards of austenitic resp. duplex steel with delta ferrite contents of approx. 0.3 FN (0.3 Fe%), 1.5 FN (1.5 Fe%), 10 FN (10 Fe%), 45 FN (40 Fe%), 110 FN (80 Fe%) and plus a standardization Fe-Base 140 FN (105 Fe%, saturation).

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To obtain comparable measurement results, the instruments must be adjusted or calibrated using standards that can be traced to internationally recognized secondary standards. For this purpose, the IIW (International Institute of Welding, UK) developed secondary standards that have been determined by the TWI (The Welding Institute, UK) according to the method described in DIN EN ISO 8249 and ANSI/AWS A4.2.


Fischer offers certified calibration standard sets that are traceable to the TWI secondary standards for corrective and master calibtations. The standards of the Fischer calibration standard sets list in addtion to the ferrite numbers FN also the % Fe values.


Influences including the shape of the part to be measured (strong curvature, thickness of the ferrite-containing coating, etc.) can be taken into account through corrective calibrations with customer-specific calibration standards or through correction factors (included). The normalization and corrective calibration are stored application-specific in the respective application memory of the instrument. 

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