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FMP F20H Probe

Article No. 11124

Fischer F20H FMP Probe, Fe Magnetic

The F20H Probe is used with the Fischer FMP Dry Film Thickness Gauge. It is a cabled magnetic induction probe, and good for rough surfaces.

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  • Cabled magnetic induction probe for measuring non-metallic and non-conductive coatings on steel or iron (NF/Fe and Iso/Fe).
  • With robust, 10-pin jack. Spring-loaded measuring element with hard metal probe tip.
  • Can be connected to the following instruments: All DUALSCOPE® and DELTASCOPE® handheld devices of the FMP series, as well as the desktop FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC and FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC2 with the F-module PERMASCOPE® (12-pin jack)
  • Areas of application: Coatings of copper, zinc, chrome, paint, lacquer, rubber or plastic on steel, iron or cast iron (Fe).

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measurement Method:Magnetic Induction

    Electrically Non-Conductive, Non-Ferrous Metals

    Base:Ferromagnetic Metals
    Probe Design:Axial Single Tip Probe
    Cable Length:1.5 m
    Measurement Range:0 – 2500 µm (0 – 98.5 mils) NF/Fe

Delivery Content

Includes set of calibration foils and Fe base. In order to function as a complete measurement system, this probe requires a Fischer measuring instrument.

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