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Cleanliness Tape Roller

Article No. 12702

Cleanliness Test Tape Spring Roller

The Cleanliness Tape Roller is a spring loaded roller and an orginal Gardco desgin. The Cleanliness Tape Test ISO 8502-3 is mentioned in Procedure 6.2b. This apparatus allows the tape to have an even amount of pressure applied when used.

$1,423.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Uniform pressure can be applied to the cleanliness tape by means of the Gardco Cleanliness Tape Roller that has a width of 30mm.
  • The top of the Red indicator ring is calibrated to 4kg (39.2 N) while the bottom indicates 5kg (49 N) force calibration.
  • It is made of selected materials that provide basically maintenance free service until components wear out. We do not recommend lubrication in any areas. This also will prevent contamination of the tape or test area from excess lubrication.
  • The external surfaces can be cleaned with a non-chlorinated solvent (Ensolv, etc.) or spray cleaner (409, Spray Nine, etc.). It should not be immersed in a cleaner.
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