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Bresle Accessories

Article No. 10892

Bresle Patches 25/pk

  • The TQC Sheen Bresle patch a round self-adhesive plastic patch
  • Has a medical grade membrane and a known surface area
  • Round shape makes it stronger, has a clean removal, negligible patch contamination, no breaking foam and is silicon free.
  • Each patch is certified and traceable and conforms to ISO 8502-6
  • Tested by global coating industry leaders
$149.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


Prevent maintenance costs
A too high level of salts may cause coating failures like blistering and corrosion. This might cause major problems and increase maintenance costs for shipping, vessels, ballast tanks, oil and gas piping, industry buildings and steel structures in general. That’s why measuring the level of salts prior to coating is essential.

Bresle Method Soluble Salt Test
The Bresle Method, detailed in ISO 8502-6 and -9, leverages Bresle patches for testing surface contaminants, especially salts. Widely adopted in industry, this method quantifies surface salt levels before coating applications, following stringent salt test procedures, standards, and acceptance criteria.

Excessive salt levels can lead to coating failures, such as blistering and corrosion, resulting in substantial maintenance expenses for shipping, vessels, ballast tanks, oil and gas pipelines, industrial structures, and steel frameworks. That’s why conducting salt tests, adhering to salt test methods and standards, is crucial for safeguarding your assets and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Dimensions:ø 55 mm / 2.17 inch + tab 15 mm / 0.59 inch
    Material:Coated Protective Paper, PE with Acrylic Based Adhesive
    Test Area:1250 mm² / 1.94 in²
    Volume:2.5 ml


Bresle patches are used to test for surface contaminants, such as salts. The patch is described in ISO 8502-6 and -9, also known as the Bresle Method. This Bresle method is commonly used to measure the level of surface salts prior to coating.

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