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Balance Beam Coin Holder

Article No. 15030

Coin Holder, for Adhesion/Mar Tester

  • Quality control tool to determine ease of removability of special "scratch-off" coatings 
  • Allows user to test the resistance of their coatings to scratch and mar from the milled edge of a coin
$476.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Used for coatings applied to lottery tickets made by the lottery industry, and in testing properties of paint, coatings, and other materials that include paper and paper products.
  • Coin edge is not too sharp like Hoffman type stylus or as dull as the loop or needle stylus.
  • Coins can provide a different type of cutting edge, but the adapter also allows the user to insert practically any type of test coupon desired.



Employ the normal operating procedure, keep in mind the actual load at the edge of the coin is only 72% of the normal applied load. This is due to a small change in the placement of contact relative to the pivotal fulcrum.

Delivery Content

3/32” Hex Key

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