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Adhesion (Wet) Tape Test Roller Accessories

Article No. 12594

Adh Roller Wheel Marking/Scratch Gage

Used to cut a coating into narrow ribbons as stated in the FTS-STD-141 Knife method, it helps lay out lines parallel to a flat surface with max precision and indicates exactly where something needs to be cut.


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  •  Includes: One Wheel Marking Gauge + Two Extra Blades
  • The laser engraved graduation marks on the bar are available in both metric and imperial version up to 6 inch/150 mm
  • 1.5 inch diameter solid brass face glides against the edge of the workpiece for smooth marking Cutter head retraces into countersink in head to protect when not in use
  • 2-Stage adjustments body
  • Quick turn of knurled adjustment knob and tail help to make adjustments faster and easier.


ASTM D2510

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