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Article No. 0575

Empty Tubes Grade N

Inscription GARDNER in amber stain; inside diameter is checked for 10.65 ± 0.025 mm; one additional marking at the bottom of the tube for establishing 73 mm bubble path; ASTM D 1545 term: Timer Tubes

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D1131 D1725 D1545


ASTM D 1545 Timer Method

The tube has three amber ring marks at 27, 100 and 108 mm from the bottom. Fill the tube up to the 100 mm line, insert the cork down to the 108 mm line and turn the tube bottom up. Turn the tube around, start the stop watch when the air bubble crosses the 27 mm line and stop when the bubble crosses the 100 mm line

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144 pcs. empty tubes per package including corks (0576)
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