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8400K Digital Micrometer Microset Kit

Article No. 12170

Microset Replication Compound Kit

Microset replicas make it possible to inspect internal surfaces that are inaccessible using the Optical Micrometer alone. The high-resolution replicas are residual-free and can be removed from pits, tubes and other uneven surfaces. 

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  • Microset offers 12 standard grades; four for aerospace and industrial and eight for nuclear. Custom compounds offered as well. (Cure times, viscosity and color are the most common variables in that order.)
  • Good for Threaded Holes, Inside Diameters, Spline Inspection, Re-Entrant Geometries, and Delicate Surface Finishes
  • Microset compounds are specially designed for the high-resolution replication of surface details. They come as in a convenient and reliable cartridge application systems that allow replicas to be made, in any shape or size, of most solid non-porous surfaces.
  • Microset compounds have sub-micron resolution and are dimensionally stable for geometric measurement. The elastic replicas can be removed from holes, tubes and moderate re-entrant geometries without damage to the replica surface.
  • Microset is easy to apply and available in a variety of grades with varying cure times, viscosity and color to support different applications and environments.
  • An advanced delivery system is provided, not just “a stick and a scrap of cardboard”. Microset offers delivery systems for industrial, not dental applications. The dispensing guns use custom mixing nozzles, with 32 instead of 24 “folds”, because complete mixing is critical. Other products are mixed by hand with a “stick on piece of cardboard”.
  • Microset represents itself as a strictly industrial and not dental compound. The phrase: “for replication of metal surfaces” is printed on Microset cartridges and the website shows industrial applications ONLY; with no dental context or reference whatsoever. • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funded a study citing desirable properties of Microset. The DOE funded a study on engine wear and friction that featured the use of Microset to examine bearing surfaces. This report cites the ideal industrial replication characteristics of Microset compounds.
  • Microset compounds are engineered to leave no harmful residues on specimens under study. Some replication compounds contain harmful chemicals that can damage the specimen under study. Over the years, Microset has worked closely with the nuclear industry and has removed undesirable elements and fillers. Some chemicals which are still present by necessity have been reduced to minimal or trace levels, as dictated by customer requirements.
  • Microset has eliminated “clear surface layer” issues that can compromise accurate analysis. Microset compounds are designed for macro and micro (sub-micron) microscopic examination. As a result, they exhibit no clear or translucent surface layer. Products which do exhibit a clear-layer effect are problematic because it is difficult to determine whether a microscope is focused on the top or bottom of the ambiguous clear layer.
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