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8400K Digital Micrometer Accessories

Article No. 12173

General Purpose Replication Compound

MICROSET® 101 Replicating Compounds are very high resolution, two-part silicone polymers specifically designed for surface replication. 

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The easy cartridge application system allows replicas to be made of most solid non-porous surfaces, in any shape or size, Microset replicas are dimensionally stable for geometric measurement and can be stored indefinitely for future reference. When viewed through the Micrometer, the replicas have a bright metallic appearance, allowing very fine details like microstructure, cracking and pitting to be observed. Microset is ideal for the assessment of defects on critical engineering surfaces. Surface Replication with Microset ® Microset replicas are high strength elastomeric materials that can be removed from holes, tubes and moderate re-entrant geometries without altering the replica. This allows access to, otherwise inaccessible, internal surfaces. Common applications include surface defect characterization, surface finish assessment and metallography. 

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