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PosiTector Surface Profile Gage Positector Replica Tape Reader Surftest SJ-210 Hull Roughness Gage
PosiTector SPG
Positector RTR
Surftest Roughnes Testers
Hull Roughness Gage
The SPG Surface Profile Gage measures and records peak to valley surface profile heights.
The Positector RTR is a Replica Tape Reader that is simple, durable and accurate.
Portable Surftest SJ-210 and SJ-310 is a portable surface roughness tester that conforms to JIS, ISO, DIN, and ANSI standards. .
The Hull Roughness Gauge measures the AHR value (Average Hull Roughness) of sea going vessels.
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Press-O-Film Testex Tape SP1560 Gage Surface Roughness Comparison Standards Surface Roughness Comparison Standards
Press-O-Film® Gage & Tape
SP1560 Gage
Roughness Comparison
Surface Roughness Standards
Surface profile gage and Testex tape, a modern, fast method of measuring surface profiles on blasted surfaces!
A combination gage that can be equipped with two different tips, one for surface roughness and another for coating thickness.
Roughness Comparison Specimens are used for checking roughness of turned, milled, ground, reamed, polished or lapped parts during machining.
Economy Roughness Comparison Specimens is an instrument used for the measurement of surface roughness.
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X-PRO Roughness Tester Surface Profile Comparator Kit Blast Nozzle Orifice Gage Pipe Gauges
X-PRO Roughness Tester
Comparator Kit
Blast Nozzle Orifice Gage
Pipe Gauges
Portable Roughness Tester that features 2 selectable parameters: Ra and Rz and compact size.
Compact, portable, extremely durable reference discs for surface profile determinations.
Measures the actual diameter of any blast nozzle & indicates amount of air being consumed.
Pipe Thickness Gauge and Pipe Pit Gauges for measuring wall thickness of pop or plate.
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Soluble Salts Detection Determining Surface Profile Soluble Salts Detection
Determining Surface Profile
Prevent Coating Failure
A multi-purpose cleaner and salt remover that is used to reduce buildup of dirt and salt, which could cause corrosion.
Learn how to Determine Conformance to Steel Profile, Surface Roughness, and Peak Count Requirements in this video.
Learn more about preventing premature coating failure by surface contamination.
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