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AB Abrasion Testers
WA Washability Testers
PA Paint Adhesion Testers
AP Applicators
CR Cryptometers
DP Draw Down Plates
PC Paint Charts
PP Paint Panels
SQ Spray Equipment & Powder Coating
VC Vacuum Pump & Compressors
CL Color Measurement
GL Gloss Measurement
SG Specific Gravity
WG Weight Per Gallon
FG Fineness of Grind Gauges
ML Lab Roller Mills
MX Mixers, Stirrers, Blades, & Blenders
PD Paint Paddles
ST Strainers
Drum Handling
DH Drum Handling/Safety
Drying Time/Gelation
DT Drying Time Recorders
GT Gel Timers
Film Flaws
HD Holiday Detectors
Film Thickness
WF Wet Film Gauges
DF Dry Film Gauges
DS Dry Standards
HA Hardness Testers
Impact & Flexibility
FX Flexibility Testers
IM Impact Testers
MN Mandrels
PT Plastic Testing
Lab Apparatus
FP Flashpoint Testers
GA Gas Detectors
HP Hot Plate Stirrers
IC Instrument Cases
LA Lab Accessories
LE Levels
LM Light/Sound Meters
OV Ovens
SP Spatulas
SS Stainless Steel
SV Sieves
TM Timers
TR Testing Reagents
US Ultrasonic Cleaners
UV Ultra Violet Testing
XD Disposable Items
Measuring Instruments
BL Balances & Scales
FM Friction Measurements
FO Force/Torque
MT Measuring Tools
TA Tachometers
WT Wall Thickness Testers
AF Air Flow
MO Moisture Meters
SL Salt Spray Equipment
TB Temperature Baths
TE Temperature Testing
TH Thermometers/Temp-Humidity
WE Weather Meters
Optical Instruments
MA Magnifiers
MC Microscopes
RE Refractometers
pH & Conductivity
CD Conductivity
PH pH & Conductivity Meters
TU Turbidimeters
WC Water/Conditioning & Testing
PU Publications
Surface Profile
SU Surface Profile Gauges
Surface Tension
FT Fluid Surface Tension
PE Penetrometers
VI Viscosity Testers
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