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Conductivity Testing

Bresle Patch Kit Bresle Chloride Test Kit Positector Soluable Salt Tester Bresle Patch
Bresle Patch Kit
DSP Bresle Chloride Test Kit
PosiTector SST
Economy Bresle Patch
These instruments test salt contamination on surfaces prior to coating application.
Includes all the necessary equipment for assessing the level of soluble salts on blast-cleaned surfaces prior to coating.
The PosiTector SST Salt Tester measures the concentration of soluble salt on metal surfaces.
The Bresle Test will measure contamination of water-soluble salts and corrosion products on blast-cleaned steel.
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RF-IT/CE-IT Insulator Tester EcoTestrCTS Conductivity Tester 50 Series Conductivity Meter Exstik Salinty Meter
RF-IT/CE-IT Insulator Tester
50 Series Conductivity Meter
Exstik Salinity Meter
The RF-IT and CE-IT test above and below ground pipeline insulators.
Developed for ease of use and to prevent outside and cross contamination.
The Oakton conductivity pocket testers stand up to everyday use and harsh environments.
One high accuracy multi-range sensor measures four parameters (Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature)
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CHLOR*TEST Surface Salt CHLOR*TEST "CSN Salts" Sigmascope 350 Soil Resistivity Meter
CHLOR*TEST Surface Salt
SigmaScope® 350
Soil Resistivity Meter
Developed for ease of use and to prevent outside and cross contamination.
Method for testing salt contamination is the most accurate field test on the market today.
The Sigmascope 350 measures the electrical conductivity of nonferrous materials.
The Model SR-2 is a very accurate resistance meter with a digital display.
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Milliohm-meter Soluble Salts Detection Soluble Salts Detection
Soluble Salts Detection
This instrument is a portable digital meter to measure low resistances over the range 0.001Ω to 200Ω.
A multi-purpose cleaner and salt remover that is used to reduce buildup of dirt and salt, which could cause corrosion.
Learn more about methods for the detection of soluble salts with this helpful video.
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pH Testing

LAQUAtwin Water Quality Meters pH Pencils & Test Papers Oakton Benchtop Meters LAQUA ph Electrodes
pH Pencils
Oakton Benchtop Meters
LAQUA pH Electrodes
The Laquatwin series are compact water quality meters fully water and dust proof that measure at the touch of a button.
encils are used for determining the pH of any surface.
The pH 700 and 2700 Series benchtop meters designed for today's crowded and demanding laboratories.
The Laqua pH Electrodes are a variety of electrodes used with pH meters for many types of applications.
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Temp Meter & pH Electrode ExStik® PH100 & CL200 Palm pH Meter Waterproof pH Tester Spear
Temp Meter & pH Electrode
ExStik® PH100 & CL200
Palm pH Meter
Waterproof pH Spear
Flat Surface pH Electrode and Heavy Duty pH/mV Temperature Meter.
Flat surface electrode allows "on the spot" measurements of liquid, semi-solid, or solid samples.
Waterproof pH Meter with big digit LCD display in rugged housing with a choice of stick or cabled pH Electrode.
This instrument is a versatile, convenient and accurate spear-tip pH tester.
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pH Electrodes pHTestrs 30 ph Tester pHastrode Ecotestr pH Meter
pH Electrodes
pHTestrs 30
Ecotestr PH 2+
Special pH Electrodes specifically designed for paints and come complete with soaker bottle, a 3 foot cable and BNC connector.
The pHTester 30 features a large display screen and has up to ±0.01 pH accuracy.
Unique pH electrode uses a flushing mechanism into reference junction assembly of a standard epoxy or glass body pH electrode.
The Waterproof EcoTestr pH Po2+ is a pocket pH meter that makes water quality testing easier.
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50 Series pH Meter pHTestr® BNC pHTestr® BNC
pHTestr® BNC
Amine Blush Kit
The Extech SDL100 is a pH meter, ORP Meter and Temperature Datalogger records data on an SD card in Excel® format.
The pHTestr BNC is waterproof, dustproof and has microprocessor-based, all push-button operation.
The TQC Amine Blush Kit is a multi step amine blush indicator.
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Water Conditioning

Waterproof ORPTestr 10 About Water Activity
Waterproof ORPTestr 10
About Water Activity
The microprocessor-based ORPTestr® is ideal for oxidation-reduction (redox) tests.
An article written by Decagon Devices, Inc. about water activity.
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